Hi, I'm ardett! I'm passionate about the zine scene and have participated in many zines as both a contributor and mod. This carrd mainly functions as a way to make my experience more public for current and future projects. Thank you!

Mod Experience

Urano Metria: a Lucy Heartfilia zine⬜creation periodformatting
In Full Bloom: an Ouran High School Host Club 20th Anniversary zine✅production and shippingart, graphics (animation focus)
At the End of Everything: a Night in the Woods zine✅production and shippingformatting
Back to Back: a Haikyuu!! BoKuroo zine✅production and shippingformatting (temporary social media, graphics)
Let's Magical Cooking: a Magical Girls Cookbook✅production and shippingformatting
cross | roads: an AtLA zine✅production and shippingeditor (temporary graphics)
Curls and Books: a Hermione Granger zine✅production and shippingformatting, editor, social media
Containment Breach: an SCP zine✅completeformatting
Beyond the Garden: an Over the Garden Wall zine✅completeformatting
Passing the Torch: a Haikyuu!! Mentor and Student zine✅completeintern
Berry-tastic!: a Strawberry Shortcake zine✅completeformatting, graphics
Unus Annus Collab Project✅completevideo editor
Secretum Hortus: an original Hanahaki zine✅completegraphics (animation focus)
Black and Blue: a Haikyuu!! Delinquent AU zine✅completeformatting, graphics
Women in the World: a cultural zine✅completeformatting, graphics

✅ indicates that my role is largely complete!You can view my graphics portfolio here! My full formatting portfolio is available upon request as it contains full zines but you can view selected pages here!